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Working the Night Shift
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Straight Shooter
Not your typical spiked urine. This one has 3 different canine glands mixed into a rich aged red fox urine. Making it the ideal squeeze
and go dirthole gland mix. Old School with a twist. Developed because you the customer asked for it.

Orders from outside the U.S.: Please contact us for correct shipping rates before completing your online order.

One of the most debated subjects in the trapping industry is urines.
In our experience we believe the key factor in any good urine product is the cleanliness of the collection process -- not the color of the finished product.
Urines poorly collected with food or fecal deposits will result in bacteria growth which will in turn cause the urine to spoil and have a sewer type odor.

We are very particular about our sources for urine and I think you will see we carry top of the line urines that can be used for more than one season if stored in glass in a dark cool place during the off season.
A darker color and ammonia smell is normal after storage and will dissapate quickly after opening. Do not mistake ammonia or dark urine for bad urine.
Bobcat Urine
Limited Supply. We finally found a source for 'cat urine that we are confident with. Really puts the finishing touches on your 'cat sets as well as changing up your canine sets. Use when your competition is soaking everything in sight with red fox urine.
Coyote Urine
For coyote specific sets, this will finish it off properly. Strong and clean collected, it is the real deal. Meets the Night Owl standards for quality urines.
Red Fox Urine
We obtain the freshest and cleanest urine we can find. Good quality fox urine is not as easy to find as it may seem. We have plenty of it on hand. Don't settle for lesser quality that will turn to sewage on you. Store in cool and dark place.
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