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Night Owl Trapping Tips

Predator Lure Usage

A common mistake when using lure for canines is over luring a set.

Canines have an incredible sense of smell and over luring can actually cause the animal to shy from a set.

Usually the amount of lure held by dipping a thin stick into a bottle of our liquid type lure will be sufficient.
For our paste type lures the size of a lima bean is recommended.

Weather can be a factor in lure usage and re-luring. Colder weather might dictate using a little larger amount of lure or a stronger type of lure such as a call lure. After a heavy rain you will need to re-lure also. During good spells of weather it is best to only get close enough to inspect your set. There is no need to re-lure for up to 10 days or more.
Predator Lure Use

Using Lure Around Water

Beavers are very territorial animals and using our ground beaver castor and our castor based lures can be very effective at castor mound sets.

Don't be afraid to use raccoon lures like our Sugar Tree or Shellfish Oil up high on a twig using the wind to your advantage much like you would use a call lure for canines.
Water Lure Use

A lure with oily consistency will actually excel when the weather is damp as it will spread and become hard for the coons to resist.

A thick paste raccoon lure like our Silver Moon or Plum Loco is ideal for use in raccoon specific traps because they will not leak or wash out from the bottom of the traps. Sheep's wool in the bottom of these traps makes a great lure holder.

Using Bait
By using one of Night Owl's gland lures at the lip of your dirthole sets in combination with any of our paste baits or liquid baits for canines, it will trigger not only a hunger response but also a territorial response.
Make your dirtholes at least 8" deep if possible to keep the animal working the set longer.

A remake after a catch is the perfect time to use bait alone at a set.

The first catch has already left all kinds of smells and body odors at the set so no additional lure or urine is needed.
Using Urine
One of the most debated subjects in the trapping industry is urines.

In our experience we believe the key factor in any good urine product is the cleanliness of the collection process -- not the color of the finished product.

Urines poorly collected with food or fecal deposits will result in bacteria growth which will in turn cause the urine to spoil and have a sewer type odor.
We are very particular about our sources for urine and I think you will see we carry top of the line urines that can be used for more than one season if stored in glass in a dark cool place during the off season.

A darker color and ammonia smell is normal after storage and will dissapate quickly after opening.

Do not mistake ammonia or dark urine for bad urine.
Using Oils
The oils and ingredients we sell are as they were received by us from the manufacturer or as they were compounded by us at full strength.

We DO NOT stretch or dilute them which would weaken the product.
Many of these products can be used successfully on your trapline by themselves with no further steps taken.
Most often trappers looking to create an attractor of their own will purchase ingredients as a new challenge of catching animals on their homemade lure.

Remember these are highly concentrated ingredients, use them sparingly until you have a feel for what amounts work best in your formula.

There are several sources for simple lure formulas available today on the internet or in books. Of course you are welcome to contact us with any questions you might have about proper use of our ingredients.
Brush Fire               X                    X                 X                  X
Cold Roller              X                    X
Coyote Gland          X                    X                 X                  X
Crossbones            X                    X                  X                  X
High Honors            X                    X                 X
Open Season          X                    X
Red Fox Gland        X                    X                 X
Red Gland XLL        X                    X                 X                  X
Red Tornado           X                    X
Chain Reaction       X                    X
Lure Holders - In our opinion the best and most inexpensive lure holder out there is sheeps wool. With a combination
of our lures applied to it and its own natural odors,it is irresistible to predators in a dirt hole. If you’ve never used it you’ll be impressed if you try it.
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