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There are different grades of oils and Night Owl Lures sells only the best with the freshest ingredients.

Our preservatives are not only great sellers, they're also what we use in our own operation.
Pressed Fish Oil (mild)
A good choice for mink and coon trapping. Long lasting, just a squeeze and move on. You can mix this with 1/2 ounce of our Shellfish Oil per pint for a squeeze bait with great calling power.
Salmon Oil
There are different grades of salmon oil. We sell the salt water version which we feel is the highest grade. Will not gel as easily in the cold as regular fish oil. Boost with shellfish oil and you have a specialty mink item.
Shellfish Oil (100%)
This is the pure stuff not cut or thinned in any way. Costs a little more than some others, but it will hold up season after season and you can use less. 1/2 ounce per pint of Fish Oil or Salmon Oil is all you need for a super squeeze bait.
Trout Oil (Sun Rendered)
This is the real deal. Dark, thick and long drawing power. Not rotten smelling at all, just fishy. In my opinion, the Cadillac of all fish oils for lure formulation or on its own.
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Glycol (antifreeze)
Used as a spray-on antifreeze for land trapping when mixed 50/50 with water, or as a lure additive and tincturing solvent.
Much the same uses as glycol. Glycerin is thicker and is used as a lure base and preservative in some formulas.
Supreme Solution
Add this bait solution to your favorite homemade baits to strengthen and preserve it as well as add to its effectiveness. Whether ground or chunk baits, add eough to absorb, then cover just slightly.
Sodium Benzoate
Bait maker's powder and preservative. Use 2 tablespoons per pint or 1 cup per gallon or bait.
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Bullhead Juice
This is the strong sun rendered gray juice collected
from fatty yellow bullheads
. Great as a trailing scent or bait in your dirthole
set. It is gassier and more rank than pure oil so handle and store it accordingly in a cool
place. Best ordered in the fall before trapping season begins. Limited supply.
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Sheep's Wool
In our opinion the best and most inexpensive lure holder out there is sheeps wool. With a combination
of our lures applied to it and its own natural odors,it is irresistible to predators in a dirt hole. If you’ve never used it you’ll be impressed if you try it.
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