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Night Owl Paste Baits

Night Owl Lures has a selection of trapping bait for every trapline need. Whether you're trapping damage control in the summer, or on a long line in deep winter snow, our baits will hold up well and keeping working for you.
A Few Bait Tips: By using one of Night Owl's gland lures at the lip of your dirthole sets in combination with any of our paste baits or liquid baits for canines, it will trigger not only a hunger response but also a territorial response.
Make your dirtholes at least 8" deep if possible to keep the animal working the set longer.
A remake after a catch is the perfect time to use bait alone at a set.

Orders from outside the U.S.: Please contact us for correct shipping rates before completing your online order.

Ground Mouse Paste
Fresh ground mice, preserved to keep that fresh mouse smell. The K-9's number one food source! Use with our gland lures for a killer combination. Limited Supply.
Rolling Thunder
This is a true old time paste bait formula for fisher, bobcat and canines. Winter time tough with a touch of skunk to hold their attention at the set.
K-9 Commitment
Loud smelling rank cheese odor that will draw canines and keep them working your set. Use in combination with our gland lures for superior results. Also terrific as an ADC skunk bait.
Old Erie
A super saturated shellfish bait that will fit all your needs for pocket and cubby sets for coon and mink. Just smear in the back of the hole on a holder and go.

Night Owl Squeeze Baits

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Liquid Mouse Squeeze Bait
Extracted from 100% whole mice then strained and bottled with a very important musk added to fix the bait and add a subtle second call. This has become our #1 Selling Bait and has many large cat and canine catches to its credit. Squirt and go. Good fall through winter -- resists freezing. One application lasts for days.
Liquid Predator Squeeze Bait
Rendered wild meat base is strained and then more food calling odors are added to fix and enhance its calling ability. Great as a trailing scent or at walk-through sets as well as dirtholes.
Sheep's Wool
In our opinion the best and most inexpensive lure holder out there is sheeps wool. With a combination
of our lures applied to it and its own natural odors,it is irresistible to predators in a dirt hole. If you’ve never used it you’ll be impressed if you try it.
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Rabbit Punch
This fresh ground rabbit meat bait was specifically created to target coyotes that prey on cottontails. It will however do the job on any large predator.
Whole ground rabbit meat that goes through a gentle smoking process for a hint of smoke and then just the right dash of a sun rendered oil ( the punch ) will cause a tremendous digging response trying to get to this natural food odor. Combine it with any of our gland lures for a smoking hot set. 
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