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"Got this gray fox with your Brush Fire. I just love that stuff as well as your Crossbones. Also Ontario for beaver. Long time customer."

Slade G.
"I caught my first fisher in a Bob Noonan stlye cage and 160 Conibear baited with your Brush Fire and some beaver meat. Thank you Night Owl Lures!"

Caitlin Y.
"Your great products continue to get these Catskill Mountain coyotes. Keep up the great work." - Cody F.
"I used your Rollimg Thunder bait for the first time this year. Dirthole, no other lure and had 10 coyotes in 20 days with just 12 sets. Very impressed, customer for life as well as my boys. Thank you!"

Brian K.
"This is just one of the many red fox I caught with your Red Fox Gland XLL. It's my favorite canine lure."

Dylan M.
"My boys and I love your ADC baits and your Crossbones helped them catch their first Martin in the Adirondacks."

Noble A.
"Your Red Fox Gland and High Honors lures are great on Red and Gray foxes in my area. Thanks for the great lures!"

Jim S.
"Thanks for the Red Gland XLL and Brush Fire, It's the GOOD STUFF!"

Dave S.
"I mix your Liquid Mouse with muskrat meat for bait and use your Crossbones lure with it. It tears up these Carolina coyotes around hay bales and hay sets."

Terry S.
"I use your Brush Fire lure on all the predators in my area."

Earl B.
"I always make sure I stop and get a bunch of Ontario beaver lure every year at Neil Olsen's trappers weekend. It does the job!"

Arthur Y.
"First time using your Mulberry ADC bait. Got him 2 hours after I set the trap. My brother and I are big fans of your great products."

Michael S.
"I strictly use Night Owl lures and baits. They are King on my trapline!"

Dexter B.
"We caught 23 chipmunks out of our garage using your Squirell Slammer bait without even moving the trap to a new location. Thank you!"

Robin & Gage L.
We caught two cats like this one on your Rabbit Punch bait this year.

Len S. & Charles V.
I try something different from Night Owl every year. This year was Rolling Thunder and I liked it a lot. Caught 6 coyotes on it including this double, my first. Gave the rest to my friend and now he is doing well too.

Michael Q.