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Animal Damage Control or Nuisance Animal Trappers often require lures and baits that are much different than those used by seasonal fur trappers.

Night Owl Lures provides our own line of baits specifically designed for these types of trappers. Whether it be cage trapping in an urban setting, or using a dog proof (DP) trap in a suburban area, our baits provide exactly the attractant for which you are looking.
Squirrel Slammer
A paste bait that will tempt any rodent. A deep, rich, nutty odor. Simply smear it on a cracker, it won't dry out.Testing for this product gave us overwhelmingly good results on red and gray squirrels as well as mice.
Top Banana
A thick creamy yellow paste with a banana odor that jumps out of the jar. A smear of this on a vanilla wafer in a cage trap is a deadly combination for those nuisance skunks and raccoons that have a sweet tooth that needs attention.
Cantaloupe Paste
Creamy paste texture that you can smear onto whatever type of lure holder you prefer for eye appeal. Has the smell of over ripe musk melon or cantaloupe that woodchucks will seek out.

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Mulberry Paste
Strong Mulberry odor in a very thick berry paste that won't wash out or dry out. Use the size of a golf ball for groundhogs and don't overlook this one for gray fox or raccoons either.
Sheep Wool
In our opinion the best and most inexpensive lure holder out there is sheeps wool. With a combinationof our lures applied to it and its own natural odors,it is irresistible to predators in a dirt hole. If you’venever used it you’ll be impressed if you try it.
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3 Berry Bomb
An enticing bait for nuisance raccoons and skunks. As the name says, a combination of three berry smellsthat have no attraction to house cats but coon and skunks must check out. A good choice for fall fur trapping in DP traps as well.
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Hog Heaven
The natural alfalfa and grass odors that jump from this jar are all you need to know about it's ground hog calling abilities. Smear on a cabbage leaf or other attractor and see the results. Great for nuisance rabbits too. Won't dry out.
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