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The oils and ingredients on this page are as they were received by us from the manufacturer or as they were compounded by us at full strength.
We DO NOT stretch or dilute them which would weaken the product.
Many of these products can be used successfully on your trapline by themselves with no further steps taken.
Most often trappers looking to create an attractor of their own will purchase ingredients as a new challenge of catching animals on their homemade lure.
Remember these are highly concentrated ingredients, use them sparingly until you have a feel for what amounts work best in your formula.
There are several sources for simple lure formulas available today on the internet or in books. Of course you are welcome to contact us with any questions you might have about proper use of our ingredients.
Ambrette Musk Oil
Sweet musky odor attractive to all animals. Can be used inlures as well as baits. Similar in smell to muskrat glands.
Anise Oil (Chinese Blend)
This not a weak drugstore variety of anise. Spicy licorice type smell that is one of the finest attractors for any animal.
Used in gland lures.
Cheese Essence
Sharp cheesy odor.
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Licorice Oil
Coon and Gray fox attractor.
Muscaro Musk
Our own original blend unlike any others. Thick bodied and full of all the important musks that should be included in this 13 ingredient formulation.
Rhodium Oil
Used in many coon and canine formulas.
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Ambergris Oil
An artificial whale oil that is a fine fixative in canine lures.
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Canton Musk
A synthetic deer musk similar to Tonquin but not as fragrant. Good addition to canine lures where musk is called for.
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Banana Oil
Raccoon and skunks find this true banana odor irresistible.
Black Walnut Oil
Super attractive to any squirrels (red & gray) plus chipmunks and other rodents.
Green Apple
A tart green apple odor for muskrats and deer.
Grape Oil
Raccoons and Gray Fox will search out this rich grape smell.
Fennel Oil
Great when added to coon,beaver & muskrat formulas.
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Honey Essence
Great addition to any formulation.
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Loganberry Oil
A crushed berry smell that is best known for its attraction to gray fox but is also good for coon & skunks.
Musk Ketone
A very penetrating musky odor that is a mild fixative in lure formulations.
The smell of overripe berries or fruit, gray fox, raccoon and skunks love it too.
Poplar Bud Oil
One of the finest of all food ingredients for beaver.
Raspberry Oil
Nice odor for gray fox as well as skunk.
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Tonquin Musk
Known by many names this is a synthetic deer musk called for in many canine formulas. Full strength, use sparingly.
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Valerian Extract Oil
Mixes with Honey Essence to make a great raccoon and bear attractor. Also produces an aggressive response from canines.
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Sweet Birch Oil
Its main purpose is a food call for beaver and muskrats but can also improve raccoon lures.
Sweet Corn Oil
Another high quality raccoon additive for both lures and baits. Gray fox and deer are also attracted to its odor.
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Wild Cherry Oil
Powerful cherry odor for rats & coon.
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Sweet Musk
This is our own blend of highly attractive musks and oils. Great as a mild fixative or call in any animal formula.
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Fresh minty odor attractive to muskrats, raccoon & beaver.
Used in ADC work for ground hogs and raccoons.
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